A Charitable Foundation for Pets in Need

Since we started, Save U.S. Pets Foundation has worked hard to prevent economic euthanasia from being the only choice for a pet in a time of crisis. We do it by reaching out to the community at large and raising funds so we can give grants to help give these pets a chance at a full life.

Keeping families together is what it's all about.

Together, we can all make a huge difference!

Meet Our Board of Directors


Ed Ortiz

Executive Director


Carol Olea

Director of Grants
Board Secretary


Joanie Grado

Board Trustee


Kimberli Calabrese

Event & Volunteer Coordinator
Board Trustee


Dr. Nicole Feddersen

Board Trustee


Heidi Houschild

Board Trustee


Liz Hilliard

Board Trustee, Social Media Director

Our History

2003 – Red Bank Veterinary Foundation is started by employees of Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

2007 – The Foundation launches on its own as a separate entity and changes its name to Save U.S. Pets Foundation, Inc.

2012 – Over $60,000 in grants are given to pets owners in financial need of help.

2013  – Save U.S. Pets Foundation celebrates a major milestone, 10 years reaching out and helping the community to give pets a chance at living full and happy lives.

2016 –  $400,000 in grants given surpassed since we started.

2022 – The mission is still continuing!